GKF 1400

GKF 1400
  • GKF 1400

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    The GKF 1400 includes all of our experience and know-how on secure capsule filling and closing of capsules. Like all of the GKF-series machines, it works with intermittent motion and doses powder via the proven tamping pin principle. Of course the machine is also capable of filling other types of products or combinations of products into hard gelatin capsules or gelatin-free capsules. Via the modular assembly of the capsule filler, the machine can be changed over to fill liquids in a short amount of time.The GKF 1400 offers great filling versatility through its flexible and modular design, allowing it to fill a large variety of product types. The Syntegon-patented slide-gate system guarantees a gentle and efficient pellet or powder filling.The machine control by means of an industrial PC makes possible the storage and management of production data. The WINDOWS-based software meets the requirements of 21 CFR part 11 in terms of data security.Benefits:Reliability Highly accurate dosing Optimal accessibility Versatile dosing possibilities cGMP compliant design and construction Data security Simple operation Low-maintenance operation
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