GKF 2500 ASB 100%

GKF 2500 ASB 100%
  • GKF 2500 ASB 100%

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    High speed capsule filling machine with an output of up to 150.000 capsules per hour, including automatic trouble-shooting function (ASB), 100% checkweighing (KKE) and feedback loop between KKE and powder filling station (for powder, micro dosing, pellets, tablets, liquids and combinations).The GKF 2500 ASB 100% is equipped with a high-precision gravimetric online weight control system and offers the possibility to control the weight of each and every capsule produced.The machine also incorporates an automatic fill weight adjustment feature based on communication between the checkweigher and the dosing station. The production process is documented seamlessly via the user-friendly software package.The maximal uptime of the machine is guaranteed by the automatic trouble-shooting feature (ASB). The high degree of automation ensured by ASB provides for smooth production processing and ensures optimized productivity with minimum downtimes.Benefits:Reliability Highly accurate dosing Optimal accessibility Versatile filling possibilities cGMP-compliant design and construction Data security Simple operation Low-maintenance operation ASB function (automatic trouble-shooting) Feedback loop between GKF and KKE
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