GKF 2600

GKF 2600
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    The compact capsule filling platform GKF 2600 was developed for high-performance range and complies every demand of the pharmaceutical industry due to cGMP compliance. At an output of up to 156,600 capsules per hour, the modular capsule filling machine does not only convince because of its precision and speed. Another important feature in development was flexibility. Due to fast format changes and easy modification – thanks to plug-in system – there are almost no holding times and the downtimes are reduced to a minimum. Optimized faulty capsule discharge and slightest product loss guarantee optimal results.Additionally, Syntegon Technology (Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) offers checkweighing and inspection modules for weight and quality control. As an option, the in-process control (IPK) compares target/ actual weight and adjustes automatic dosing. For 100 percent weighing, the KKE 2600 checkweigher can be integrated, as well as the Net Weight Detection System (NWDS) for inspection and correction of filling volumes for micro dosing and pellet filling.Benefits:Flexible use for different products Versatile filling options Fast and easy modification Simple operation via HMI Proven machine technology Long-time experience in capsule filling Containment upgrade Weighing as an option
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