GKF 720

GKF 720
  • GKF 720

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    The GKF 720 is a highly modular and flexible capsule filling machine which is designed to process powders, pellets and tablets. The machine is able to produce small batches for research and development or clinical purposes considering realistic production conditions.Highly modular for quick product changeoversSmall batches require frequent product changeovers in a short time. With an output of 720 capsules per minute, the GKF 720 is the first of its generation to have a modular design and a flexible plug-in station: a lifting unit allows modules to be changed in less than five minutes. The exchange is uncomplicated and failsafe, enabling even inexperienced operators to perform the task.Benefits:Exchangeable dosing modules for maximum flexibility Automatically height-adjustable dosing station for powders and pellets Improved door concept for maximum visibility and easy cleaning PAT Classic sensors for high-precision quality assurance and consistent in-process control Output of 720 capsules per minute for small batches Automatic troubleshooting
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