GKF Capsylon 3005

GKF Capsylon 3005
  • GKF Capsylon 3005

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    Produced in ChinaSyntegon Technology (Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) has developed the fully automated capsule filling machine GKF Capsylon 3005 for economically filling powder, pellets, and granulates. The dosing station can fill sticky and fine grained powders precisely. The height adjustable metering disk allows for quick adjustment between product formats or filling amounts.The GKF Capsylon 3005 features time synchronized modular stations and is designed for an output of 175,000 capsules per hour. The machine is suitable for big batch runs and frequent product changes. For operating and administration of production parameter the GKF is equipped with a touch screen. The machine fulfills the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and allows quick changeover and cleaning with a few tools. All product contact parts are easily accessible and the operator can clean the machine quickly.Video:Maschine videoBenefits:Excellent cost performance ratio and flexible machine set up. Wide range of filling products, especially for nutrition. Capsule separation with guiding pins which ensure securely separation with a wide range of different capsules; and prevent damages during the separation. Tower bushing design for vertical slide shaft on the table plate, which ensure long period production without cleaning the table. Easy to maintaine and easy to operate. Designed and built according to the latest GMP standards. Symmetrical-door design, obtain more space. The ingenious configuration can be dismounted expediently and easy to clean. Easy and simple size change with short change over and cleaning times. Intensified segement cleaning for long-term running.
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