HD/HDG/HDGC 100/200/300/400/600/800/1200/2000/3000

HD/HDG/HDGC 100/200/300/400/600/800/1200/2000/3000
  • HD/HDG/HDGC 100/200/300/400/600/800/1200/2000/3000

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    Present challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry include flexibility in production, processes that are optimized for the long term, and fast production procedures. Fluid bed technology from Hüttlin offers all of these options and helps you to gain a competitive lead:The Diskjet with its tangential air exit ensures optimum exchange of substances and energy as well as a drastically reduced process time for drying, granulating and coating.The special arrangement of the three-component nozzles guarantees excellent quality of the granulate and homogeneous coating with very short process times.Fluid bed system HD/HDG/HDGC 100/200/300/400/600/800/3000Hüttlin fluid bed systems have a modular design. The base devices are designed as heavy-duty 10 bar or 12 bar excess pressure lines and can be adjusted using various different options.Depending on the requirements, product containers are available either without spraying systems, with tangential spraying systems for simple or underbed spraying systems for demanding applications.HD       Hüttlin dryerHDG    Hüttlin dryer granulatorHDGC  Hüttlin dryer granulator coaterThe patented dynamic filter can be fitted with different filter materials including a fully CIP-compatible metal filter. Pneumatic/gravimetric filling and pneumatic discharging as a further option offer significant advantages. As a result they are generally used as a standard.On the path to containment On an Hüttlin unit, filling and discharging is carried out without any vacuum conveyor systems. This eliminates the need for complicated additional installations. As is the case with the inline process, the unit is filled and discharged by means of conditioned process air. Competence in closed product handling is necessary for viable containment solutions.Benefits:DiskjetHomogeneous airflow ensures optimum exchange of substance and energy, the tangential air outlet puts less strain on the filter system Best product mixing results due to controlled and uniform process air distribution Process times can be significantly reducedThree-component nozzleExtremely low spraying losses due to the spray nozzle arrangement Homogeneous granulates, after-treatment with a sieve mill is no longer necessary Excellent coating quality and gentle handling of the product during coating Very short granulation and coating timesDynamic filterContinuous filter cleaning speedily re-routes the particles to the process arious filter materials can be selected to suit the respective processesNexStepProcess development and optimization in the laboratory scale and reliably applied in the production scale via NexStep Scale-up without intermediate steps
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