HTG / HBG / SinglePot

HTG / HBG / SinglePot
  • HTG / HBG / SinglePot

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    Form follows functionWith the HTG (Huttlin Top-Drive Granulator) and HBG (Huttlin Bottom-Drive Granulator), Huttlin has a high-shear mixer granulator to meet every requirement. Gentlewing with all of its benefits is available for use in either version.The Hüttlin high-shear mixer granulator with bottom drive is the best choice for simple granulation applications in combination with a fluid bed dryer. The topdrive version satisfies the highest of demands. A SinglePot application using UltraClean, SmartFlow, vaccuum drying with solvent recovery system can be extended with a high containment design module.Innovation and GMP requirements combinedThe flexibility of a stand-alone unit as a SinglePot or in combination with the proven fluid-bed technology ensures granulation and drying processes with maximum efficiency.The HTG high-shear mixer granulators with top-drive technology differ from those with bottom-drive technology in that the seals of the Gentlewing and chopper do not come into contact with the product. This significantly reduces wear and tear on the seal and the danger of contaminating the product.HTG is characterized by features such as lifting columns for the product container, the extreme ease with which cleanliness can be checked, ultra-fast emptying times and minimum effort in changing products.HTG 300/400/600/800/1200/1800HTG Hüttlin top drive high-shear mixer granulatorInline operation UltraClean –optionalBenefits:SinglePot: Consistent implementation of the benefi ts of top-drive technology GMP-compliant design Device control and process monitoring Cleaning – WIP and CIP
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