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    ProductsBars, chocolate tablets, biscuits, cupcakes and many other food productsProduct characteristicsSolid, semi-solid, stable, not stickyMode of operationThe Sigpack DCIE is an indirect distribution station. Product rows are transferred to a waiting belt via a aligner. The waiting belt increases efficiency by compensating fluctuations in the production. At high output levels, a pusher facilitates the delivery of the products from the waiting belt to the cross discharge belt. Following the transverse discharge operation, any gaps are closed over two belts to ensure that products are continuously guided towards the packaging leg.OperationAs an option, for operation electronic format and parameter changes a large touchscreen can be positioned at any of the stations. This guarantees access to the entire product distribution system. The operator interface allows for fast and clear access to all stations and functions: parameter entry, fault display, shift statistics and troubleshooting procedures.Ergonomics and designAll areas are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. Fast belt changes. Inclined surfaces and trays collect product waste. Belt scrapers and coated rolls ensure that no product residues stick to belts and rolls. BenefitsOptimal accessibility for maintenance and cleaning Good price-performance ratio Optimum hygiene levels Compensation of fluctuations in the production Fast belt changes Integrated electrical cabinet AC servo motors
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