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Sigpack DGDE
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    ProductsMuesli or fruit bars, chocolate tablets, industrial cakes, biscuits and other sticky or brittle products requiring gentle handling.Product characteristicsHard, crumbly, brittle, sticky ConstructionThe freely accessible and modular distribution station is available in left-hand and right-hand execution. The Sigpack DGDE comes with adjustable end rollers and gentle belt transfers. All components are reliable, completely synchronized and require low maintenance. The drives are driven by AC Servo motors.Mode of operationThe Sigpack DGDE is a direct gentle distribution station. Product rows are discharged directly and gently from the process belt onto the cross-feeding belt via a depositing pullnose. After depositing, the individual rows pass over gap-closing belts to close distances between the rows. The result is a continuous product flow onto the packaging leg.OperationDuring standard operation, the machine can be operated by push-buttons located on the pillars. The large touch-screen enables fast and clear access to all required areas and functions such as parameter entry, error indicator, shift statistics and trouble-shooting procedures. BenefitsSmall footprint with integrated electrical cabinets Optimal access for cleaning and maintenance Optimal access for cleaning and maintenance High efficiency Easy operation and high operational safety Fast belt changes AC Servo motors
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