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    Application InformationFormation of defined biscuit portions like salted biscuits and wafers for feeding of the packaging machine, whether they are round, square or rectangular.Operating principleFeeding done for up to 10 vibratory chutes that transport and accumulate the product with a predefined pressure. A flow interruption device ensures the precise definition of the length of portions.These portions are immediately transferred to the packaging machine’s feeding chain in-sync with its movements.At the production lineThrough an automated packaging line distribution system, the products are transported with no human intervention by belts and vibratory chutes, from the oven exit up to the packaging machines.Set in line, aligned and stacked, they are transported between guides up to the loaders, where they are divided into portions and transferred automatically to the packaging machine and finally, directed to the collection belt. Benefits:Rapid and precise adjustment of portion length through HMI Low maintenance cost Greater efficiency Shorter setup time Activation by 2 or 3 individually controlled servomotors
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