AIM 2000 | 5000 | 7000 Series

AIM 2000 | 5000 | 7000 Series
  • AIM 2000 | 5000 | 7000 Series

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    The AIM 2000 | 5000 | 7000 Series automated inspection machines rotate each container at high speed and then stop it, putting liquid into motion by inertia. Utilizing SD (static division) technology, light transmitted through the liquid causes any moving particles to cast shadows on high resolution sensors, allowing the system to detect particulates in low- to medium-viscosity liquids.The machine inspects containers up to 52 mm in diameter for particles in low- to medium- viscosity liquids and for cosmetic container defects at rates up to 400 containers per minute.Inspection technologies: Camera-based technology and light transmission-based Static Division (SD) technologyBenefits: Combination of 2 high-end technologies for particle inspection:- Static Division (SD) light transmission-based technology - Line scan cameras Up to 12 inspection stationsLight transmission-based SD equipment for particle inspection:Low false reject rates Static Division (SD) is unaffected by ambient light Self-test and feedback system for Static Division (SD) sensor Automatic adjustment of Direct Current (DC) level and of light intensityCamera-based equipment for cosmetic inspection:Employs high-speed Charge Coupled Device (CCD) camera-based technology, Produces high-resolution images and acquires up to 24 images per container
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