AIM 296 plus

AIM 296 plus
  • AIM 296 plus

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    The AIM 296 plus is designed for reliable, automated visual inspection of vials and ampoules and integrates the proven Static Division /SD) light-transmission-based technology and optional camera-based inspection technology into a robust Syntegon Technology (Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) platform at highest quality standards.Static Division light-transmission-based inspectionReliable technology for inspection of particles in products with low to medium viscosity, e.g.Particles, fibers, hair, lint Faulty fill levelsCamera-based inspectionFor cosmetic container defects, including non-moving particles, e.g.Tip, crimp, body or cap shape Cracks and scratches Black spots Discoloration of product or container Turbidity Faulty fill levelsBenefitsReliable visual inspection using proven SD technology Robust machine with highest Syntegon Technology (Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) quality standards Refreshed, ergonomic and modular design Output up to 24,000 containers per hour Low false reject rate Support and consultancy by subject matter expertsSD TechnologyUnaffected by ambient light (SD) Self-test and feedback system for SD sensor Automatic adjustment of direct current level and light intensity Oscilloscope function for product set-upCamera-based TechnologyLatest smart-camera vision technology Standard VGA resolution images
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