Kliklok CLS120 - Cascade Loading System

Kliklok CLS120 - Cascade Loading System
  • Kliklok CLS120 - Cascade Loading System

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    This independent product handling unit features fully adjustable 3-stage vertical rotor vanes that provide collation, stacking, and transfer of bags, sachets, ready meals and pizzas. Multiple units can be integrated to meet high speed line requirements.The product timing system consists of 3-stage rotary drop stations, which align the incoming product timing to the position of the output device, most commonly a moving cartoner PIC pocket. Using multiple drop timing stations allows variations between incoming product spacing and the required outfeed timing to be equalized and avoids excessive product aborting due to miss-timed products.Low-friction random infeed Easy operation with touchscreen HMI Cantilevered design for easy access Product check and abort system Small footprintYour benefits at a glance Speeds up to 120 products/min Collates, stacks and transfers products Low-friction random infeed with product check Easy-to-use touchscreen HMI Available duplex and triplex systems
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