Sigpack TTME-FL

Sigpack TTME-FL
  • Sigpack TTME-FL

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    Your benefits at a glancePatented changeover with vertical restart – easy, fast, tool-less, reproducible from the first carton onwards Diverse package styles and formats on one machine, suitable for cartons with high recycling content, too Gentle forming and loading process Reliable thanks to 100% carton control, designed for 24/7 operation and optimal OEE Ergonomic and intuitive operation over HMI Compact and open design thanks to minimal footprint, modular, expandable with optimal accessibility and easy cleaning Scalable up to 30 cartons or 800 products per minute, suitable for low volume or small batchesMode of operationThe Sigpack TTME-FL is designed for 24/7 production. Reliability is best in class optimizing OEE. Only one operator is required for operation, changeover and cleaning. Our patent format change concept with preset rods is tool-less, easy, quick and fully reproducible. The vertical restart takes place within just a few minutes.A large color touch screen allows the setting of product-specific parameters and in case of faults displays a method for troubleshooting.The carton blanks are removed from the tray loader and are erected Products are fed, grouped and loaded into the erected carton (topload) Afterwards the filled carton is passed to the outfeed belt and is handed over to the next step of the packaging process
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