BKK 1000 - 4000

BKK 1000 - 4000
  • BKK 1000 - 4000

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    The BKK 1000 - 4000 are continuous cooking lines that are used to manufacture dairy-free and dairy-containing hard caramel masses.The sugar-glucose solution of approx. 80% DS manufactured by a dissolving line is pumped into the cooking sections (coil or cylinder) by a power-controllable rotary piston pump. The sugar solution is boiled down to approx. 96-97% TS in this section. The thickened sugar mass with the vapours runs out of the cooking sections (coil or cylinder) into the diffuser and is separated. The vapours are fed upwards through the vapour separating tube and the sugar mass collects in the tapered section of the vapour separating room. The level in the vapour separating room can be regulated.The sugar mass is sucked from the vapour separating room into the vacuum room by a flow valve that is adjusted by a motor. The flow valve regulates the flow quantity based upon the level. The inlet piece to the vacuum room is heated. In the vacuum room the dry substance of the sugar mass is increased by reducing the boiling point which then causes re-evaporation. The sugar mass is simultaneously cooled down. This is achieved by a stable, controlled and very high vacuum. The sugar mass is transported out of the vacuum room directly into the in-line mixer by the roller draw-off. In the mixer ingredients such as colouring, flavour, crystallising acid etc. are added and mixed homogeneously.Constructional design The cooking lines including all components and drive elements are built strictly modular on a base frame. All operating positions are easily accessible, either on the same level or by an operator platform. Control and monitoring is carried out from a control panel, with touch screen and process visualization as a standard.The successful and sophisticated thin-film evaporator principle makes the vacuum-cooking process for milk masses possible Low temperature while cooking under vacuum, therefore low degree of caramelization possible Suitable for high product quality (high vacuum, up to ≤ 50mbar) Modular design allows optimum adaptation and retrofitting Available in different output ranges approx. 1000/2000/3000/4000 kg hard caramel masses/h Flexible connection to the embossing belt (up to 4 lines with up to 3 recipes simultaneously possible)
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