BKS 0750 / 1250

BKS 0750 / 1250
  • BKS 0750 / 1250

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    The main feature of the BKS 0750/1250 swivelling vessel cooker with vacuumization and batch discharge is its product-saving cooking process. The nominal throughput is either 750 or 1250 kg per hour, depending on the equipment. The basic machine has a modular design and can be operated continuously with the three cooking systems cylinder cooker, coil cooker and helix cooker. The proven coil cooking system and the modern helix cooker system are used preferentially for the production of sugar-containing and sugar-free hard caramel masses. On account of its special cooking system the cylinder cooker is used for the manufacture of high-boiled candy that contains milk. The sugar solution is conveyed from the pressure dissolver (BLK) or the dissolving gravomat (BDS 0116L) into the appropriate cooking element (cylinder cooker, cooking coil, helix cooker) for the relevant recipe. From the cooking system the sugar mass passes with the vapor into the vapor separation chamber. Via the flow valve the sugar mass isthen drawn into the vacuum chamber in order to increase the dry substance of the sugar mass and at the same time to cool it down. The sugar mass accumulates in the discharge vessel until the preset batch size is reached. The flow valve thereupon automatically closes off the flow to the vacuum chamber and the sugar mass accrues then in the vapor separation chamber. Once the vacuum has been broken, the filled vessel is swivelled through 180° to discharge position. The other vessel is swivelled exactly to the vacuum position and due to the eight of the vessel, which is still filled, is pushed under the vacuum chamber. As soon as the pre-determined vacuum is reached, the flow valve opens automatically and production of the next batch starts. High flexibility, since the machine can be combined with different cooking systems A continuous, product-saving cooking process with subsequent vacuumizing Economical and flexible cooker for a wide range of confectionery applications Also suitable for cooking small sugarmass volumes Easy and operator-friendly handling Vessel is available in copper and stainless steel with non-stick coating

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