BLS Spray Application

BLS Spray Application
  • BLS Spray Application

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    The innovative technology of the BLS spray application allows the reproducible application of small quantities of paint in industrial quality. It provides a quick change of paint samples without intermediate cleaning steps. The extraordinary design, based on a conventional spray head, and the automation technology ensure best spraying results for any kind of paint samples. Based on this award-winning (winner of the European Coatings Award in 2005) technology the first application-oriented high throughput experimentation system with an integrated spray application was set-up already in 2006.The BLS Spray Application is available in two variants. As stand alone unit for the coating lab or as module in a fully automated robot station. Benefits:Easy-to-use, even for untrained staff Make test panels by a simple “press-button” operation Robust design Minimum cleaning and maintenance Ready-to-use Reduced amount of waste Low lacquer consumption
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