BLS Syringe

BLS Syringe
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    Conventional dosing systems need individual devices for high and low viscosity and require regular cleaning. Using these technologies dosing and application usually requires suction of materials, which does not work for materials with high viscosity. These drawbacks have been overcome with the invention of our BLS-Syringe.The design of the BLS-Syringe allows dosing of a broad range of liquid raw materials without the limitations of the conventional systems. The syringe cylinder can furthermore be used for preparation of all kind of liquid to paste-like formulations, for example paints, adhesives, cosmetics and agrochemicals. Additionally, it offers in-line determination of density and viscosity of formulated materials, and the storage of raw materials and formulations.In 2003 the invention of this patented BLS-syringe lead to the first high-throughput formulation system delivered to an internal customer for formulation of Piezo materials.Watch video: Bosch Lab Systems Syringe and spray application running with blue lacquer Benefits:One dosing device for a multitude of materials Easy handling and filling Disposable, no cleaning required Compatible with a lot of mixing technologies One container for preparation of formulations and raw-material storage Formulations become new raw materials without change of containers
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