CLS Compact Lab Station

CLS Compact Lab Station
  • CLS Compact Lab Station

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    The Compact Lab Station (CLS) was originally designed to meet the needs and requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore it is ideal for the entry into High Throughput Experimentation.The CLS can handle all kinds of liquids from low to high viscosities, for example pastes and cremes, as well as free-flowing to sticky powders. Dosing can be gravimetrically controlled, and after subsequent low- or high-shear mixing, the formulation can directly be used for application. No manual interaction such as transfilling, decanting or cleaning is required.The CLS can be applied in many different formulation and material handling areas, and it offers cleaning-free raw material change, dosing while stirring, preparation of dispersions, as well as viscosity and pH adjustment.By combining two or more Compact Lab Stations and/or connecting the CLS to further extensions, such as a spray application or characterization modules, a customer specific “HTE”-system can easily be set up.Watch video Benefits:Quick, easy and cost saving preparation of solutions, emulsions and suspensions No cleaning of formulation containers between runs Preparation of pre-formulations and master batches Low and High-Shear Mixing without motor change Un-attended over-night runs possible.
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