BZK 0152 AA

BZK 0152 AA
  • BZK 0152 AA

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    With the sugar-pulling machine BZK 0152 hard and soft caramel batches and chewing sweets can be pulled (aerated) in a continuous process. By the patented continuous pulling process, the sugar mass is aerated as intensively as with the batch-operating sugar pulling units, allowing almost every desired structure- and texture modification of the sugar mass.Infeed is carried out by a slide or optional by a vertical batch feeder. This occurs either in batches by the cooling and tempering table or continuously by the cooling and tempering conveyor.The sugar mass runs through a pulling system of twelve counter-acting rotating pulling arms, which each circle around rigid pulling arms. As it moves through this pulling arm system the sugar mass is ventilated intensively and uniformly. The intensity of the pulling process is affected by the speed of the rotating pulling arms and by the dwell time of the sugar batch. The dwell time is determined by the position of the scrapers and the fed sugar mass amount. Further transportation is carried out by the special arrangement of the scrapers. At the end of the pulling section a pair of scrapers takes the pulled sugar batch out of the machine. A continuous flowing, uniform drawn sugar mass rope is created that, for instance, can be fed over an after-cooler conveyor to the downstream production lines.Uniform aeration of the sugar mass High aeration capacity Adjustable dwelling time of the sugar mass Adjustable torque of the dwelling arms Maximum operational safety due to continuous operation Wide area of application Overload warning
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