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Solidlab 1
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    Modular Solidlab Technology eight Solid ProcessesThe Solidlab 1 laboratory machine processes batch sizes from 0.05 to 1 kilograms and is the equivalent for the highest performance in the smallest space. The plant supports you in developing your products and in examining your recipes. All important parameters and results are recorded by the software, and changes are documented. This makes the Solidlab 1 the ideal solution for your feasibility studies.Fast conversion The fluid bed or the coating module can be easily assembled in the base unit. Both are operated via a joint, integrated air treatment and control system. A conversion to either module is possible in only a few steps.Benefits:Up to eight functions in one device Modular layout, compact design Common control software Provicon Joint air treatment and sensor technology Open recipe creation and management Reproducible and controllable results High planning fl exibility, many available options
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