XL Cota 350

XL Cota 350
  • XL Cota 350

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    The Manesty XL Cota is used as a model against which all other manufacturer’s units are compared* and is the Pharmaceutical Industry’s tablet coating standard, Benefitting from a proven installed world wide base it is ideally suited for all tablet coating requirements. With segmented drum technology the efficient coating of pellets and seed API’s is also possible.With a fully perforated drum, and unique spray gun and mixing baffle technologies, fast and efficient coating of products using aqueous, organic solvent or sugar coating media is achieved. Fully reproducible results using either manual or automatic versions of our m-tec control system assures customers of a consistent high quality product, batch after batch.Our cleaning system ensures fast, thorough and effective cleaning and the recipe driven programs permit reproducible results. This enables the XL Cota 350 to be quickly available to coat the next batch of tablets. Tablets are loaded using a simple chute and unloaded by reversing the direction of the drum for fast and gentle removal.The dependable and efficient XL Cota 350 provides a rapid return on investment and excellent cost of ownership benefits.Effective Drying: Fully perforated side vented pan, with a large open mesh area = lower drying temperatures, shorter coating times and higher process efficiency Opticoat Spraygun: Patented, “In house” engineered with anti-bearding cap, enhanced droplet performance, tool free use and with a low profile shape for reduced air flow turbulence Unique mixing baffles: Increased productivity for all product forms with controlled product movement and even distribution of coating solution m-tec: Enables 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with a Windows based platform, closed loop control of all process parameters with recipe management and either manual or fully automatic capability Turnkey Package: One stop solution for design, installation, commissioning & qualification
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