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    The volumetric BMV operates with dosing pumps and represents the standard solution for bubble-free dosing and mixing of candy masses.From a container, the basic mass solution – consisting of sugar, water, glucose syrup, gelatin or other gelling agents – is pumped by means of piston pumps to the individual static mixers. The piston pumps for ingredients such as color, flavor, acid, fruit juice or vitamins/other ingredients are mechanically synchronized with the mass pump. Recipe modification is achieved by stroke setting and performance adjustment by rpm setting. If the same type of acid is used for all mixing stations, then only one container is needed. In an injection unit, the individual components are merged with the basic mass and then pass through a static mixer to achieve a completely homogenous mix. Within the closed mixing system, a constant, clear, homogenous and bubble-free, high-quality product is achieved, thanks to the modular machine concepts. An optional weighing system for dosing components is also available.Number of ingredient pumps is flexible Bubble-free mass Reproducibility of recipe Each pump group has its own motor with adjustment mechanism The piston dosing pumps are combined in one unit and are driven by a single synchronized drive Optional weighing system for dosing components Optional inline pH control for pectin Simplified measurement of the dosing volume with scaled measuring burette
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