GLT for horizontal tray loading of vials

GLT for horizontal tray loading of vials
  • GLT for horizontal tray loading of vials

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    The tray loader GLT 1010 is the ideal solution for the effective and user friendly traying of vials as part of a production line. The unique tray loading process of the GLT allows not only the flexible configuration of various tray configurations, but also sets new standards in terms of production safety, gentle container handling and ease of operation.Thanks to the ingenious interaction of the infeed star wheel, transport belt and pusher bar, vials can be aligned in front of the loading platform without guides. Each vial format is programmed and reproducible using servo motor technology for vial count with the infeed wheel and to locate exact information of the row on the transport belt.The infeed belt and the loading platform are aligned at the exact same height. Therefore, there is no risk for fallen vials or accidental misalignment during transfer to the loading platform.Benefits: Faults are minimized by the unique loading concept without side guides Quick and easy format changes, thanks to a reduced number of format parts to manually change and easily loaded recipes (all motions are servo controlled) Loading of the trays or frames from a single position Removal of the trays or frames while the next rows are being arranged on the loading platform Small machine footprint
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