TLU for tray loading of vials in rows (with robot)

TLU for tray loading of vials in rows (with robot)
  • TLU for tray loading of vials in rows (with robot)

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    The tray loader TLU-V is a high-speed system used for fast and reliable tray loading of single side open or all-around closed trays. Vials are top loaded row by row into the trays by means of a handling robot. Different loading patterns can be programmed depending on the requirements. This compact and GMP-compliant machine adds to Syntegon’s extensive portfolio of handling equipment and can either be integrated into a new filling line or retrofitted to an existing installation. Additionally, automatic systems for in-line inspection can be integrated (e.g. vision control). A separate station for random sampling of containers for off-line checking is available as an option.Benefits:High output up to 400 products/min. Large buffer capacity by means of alternating loading into 2 stations Ergonomical and convenient tray handling due to low loading height Gentle and safe handling of vials by scroll transport and vacuum star wheels Reject station is available as an option
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