PME 4001

PME 4001
  • PME 4001

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    The PME series with its modular machine concept stands for flexible and premium packaging technology, enabling short format changes and quick adaption to new production requirements.

    Part of this series is the PME 4001, an intermittent motion bagger, characterized by its particularly efficient production of high-quality bags.


    • Intermittent function (with optional vertical-moving, cross-seam sealing unit) allows for long sealing times and gas-tight bags
    • Modular machine concept for easy retrofits and high flexibility
    • Easy bypassing of corner-seal unit enables quick changeovers
    • Two-step sealing prevents damage to the packaging material and ensures gas-tight bags
    • Automatic web-tracking, fin guiding and vacuum conveyor belts with horizontal slits ensure precise film position
    • Open design allows easy access to machine parts as well as quick changeovers and maintenance
    • Maintenance-free servo technology ensures precise machine movements
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