USD 3100/3300

USD 3100/3300
  • USD 3100/3300

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    The USD syringe de-nester is exclusively designed for de-nesting pre-filled syringes before in-line downstream processing. Syntegon’s nested syringe portfolio uses this high-efficiency machine to remove the syringes from the nests and tubs with a high level of automation.On the USD nests are manually removed from the tub and placed on the inlet conveyor (option) which can buffer up to 3 nests. A gripper picks up the syringes row-by-row and a pusher removes them from the nest before placing them carefully on the horizontal running discharge conveyor. Empty nests are conveyed through the machine. The syringes remain in a secure and controlled position throughout the entire de-nesting process, leaving the syringes on a single lane conveyor for further processing.Benefits: Extended inlet conveyor for additional nests Automated removing of nests from tubs Automated stacking of nests Automated stacking of tubs Camera sensor to identify printing on tub
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