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    The ZPS accumulation system is exclusively designed for precise handling of syringes from upstream processes. Implementation of a ZPS accumulation unit contributes positively to the efficiency for any process line with a high downstream OEE.Syringes arrive in a single lane conveyor from the upstream equipment and are counted and guided into the ZPS via infeed wheel. The infeed wheel is, depending on format, counting the number of syringes equivalent to the length of one accumulation row. When the row is complete it will be transported into the buffer area by a pusher.In normal production syringes are simply passed through the accumulation unit and continue to the downstream equipment on a single lane. The ZPS starts accumulating once the downstream equipment stops. When an accumulation row has been filled with the number of syringes in question the unit indexes until the next available accumulation lane and the process continues. When the downstream equipment continues production the ZPS accumulation lanes are emptied automatically.Options:Enlarging buffer capacity Increasing speed for incoming syringes
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