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    A machine concept for all applications from small to large, light to heavy, thin to thick, fast and with high quality. Using our flow metering system we are able to provide for your products the optimum throughput and control in all production modes - filling and cleaning.Low production costs:Reproducible format conversion within 5 minutes Toll-free changeoverHigh flexibility:Fill range from 20 - 3000 ml (6000ml) Programmable filling and cleaning process Format is defined by touch PCBenefits:Inductive (MID) or mass flow (MDM) filling system Suitable for any flowing product Machine variants with up to 12 filling stations and single or twin conveyor Systems to provide filling speeds up to 200 bottles/min Multi colour product filling Multi-phase product filling Fast and simple size and product changes Operator friendly servotechnic control system for fully reproducible and consistent product handling / filling and system cleaning
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