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    The innovative continuous dosing and mixing unit BDK 2000 G makes it possible to produce a sugar glucose solution without having to add water to the recipe. This makes the unit especially suitable for the energy-saving production of, for example, hard and soft candy as well as binding masses for bars and fondant. The unit‘s centerpiece is a special mixer – the TurboMixx – which produces a uniform and homogenous mix of sugar crystals and glucose syrup. The subsequent dissolving process under backpressure, in the Rapidsolver guarantees a crystal-free solution.The gravimetric or volumetric control in the BDK 2000 G ensures precise dosing of the ingredients sugar and glucose as well as optional process water. If the ratio of sugar and glucose is 100:100 or the glucose content is higher, then the integrated dissolving system Rapidsolver performs the dissolving process by using only the water in the glucose. This produces a slurry with a dry substance of up to 90%. Because of this innovative process, the energy needed for the evaporation of approx. 250 litres of water per hour during the production of two tonnes of hard candy can be saved. This new process allows for high energy savings of more than 60%.Energy savings of more than 60% Produces solutions with a dry substance of up to 90% Most uniform mixing of sugar and glucose syrup Continuous production process without large buffer volumes Direct feeding of the cooking system possible (without additional product pump) Production can be stopped and restarted via button, no product loss Interfaces for the additional dosing of liquid and fluid ingredients Continuous production or batch production in one machine Clearly laid out hygienic design Intuitive control concept with recipe management Gravimetric system with load cells and flow meter for utmost dosing precision
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